Mio Announces Breakthrough Navigation Software "Mio Spirit" at CES 2009

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The world’s leading Portable Navigation Device (PND) maker – Mio launched its breakthrough navigation software "Mio Spirit" at CES 2009 today.

 (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –01/08/2009) –The world’s leading Portable Navigation Device (PND) maker—Mio launched its breakthrough navigation software “Mio Spirit” at CES 2009 today. Mio Spirit boasts a simple and intuitive user interface (UI), an industry first “Explore Mode™” presenting nearby all Points-of-Interest (POI) at a glance, and a “Capture Button” to record favorite routes, locations, and voice memos.  The new Spirit software incorporates more functions in a simpler way, which will lead the future of the PND industry. Mio also announced its concept Mobile Internet Device at the show.


In order to develop the industry’s first user-centric UI and navigation software, Mio conducted international research to provide consumer insight through all age ranges, and found that most PNDs only focus ongoing from place to place” and leave out the rest of a journey. Taking two years to accomplish, “Mio Spirit” is designed to improve on the “Planning” and “Doing” phases of a journey, thereby, providing a total solution to navigation. The intuitive and easy-to-use UI also allows consumers to enjoy the convenience that a PND brings. Mio Spirit will be implemented throughout 2009’s new products.


Samuel Wang, President of Mio Technology Corp. says: “Mio Spirit stands out as a breakthrough in current navigation software design. By shortening the flows within the human-oriented interface, Mio Spirit will enhance its impression to users, thus securing Mio’s advantage in stretching into more market segments.” He highlighted that through the implementation of Mio Spirit, PNDs can provide more fun, confidence and happy memories to journeys and at the same time help users save money, time and effort.


Mio Spirit’s key features include:

– Explore Mode™: Easily browse maps to see all nearby POIs, save time and effort searching for POI’s under separate categories. The floating POI menu shows extensive information as an integrated travel book, helps user to explore more easily.

– The Capture button: Conveniently capture the location, journey and voice memos for your personal travel book for sharing or revisiting.

– Friendly UI: Symbolized icons can be understood even by first-time users. The logic of the menu system means no more back and forth to set up routes or find POIs.

– TruMap: Designed to look like a traditional paper map, the clear and clean map view gives you an easier reading and navigating experience.

– NavPix™ Photo Navigation and pre-loaded Travel Books help plan your trip ahead and provide detailed information on important points-of-interest.


During CES 2009, Mio is also demonstrating its first concept Mobile Internet Device, which is targeted at users increasingly accessing web-based services. To increase the unit’s portability, the Mobile Internet Device weighs as little as 600g and boasts an 8-hour long battery life that enables users to communicate anytime and anywhere. The specifications and launch schedule are expected in Q2 2009.


The key features of Mio concept Mobile Internet Device include:

– Extra long usage: Battery can last up to 8 hours

– Easy to use

– Easy to use Windows Mobile OS

– Customized menu for quick & easy access to the most commonly used applications

– Large 7 WVGA (800×480) for full blown internet browsing

– Always connected

– Built-in Wifi

– Slim & light weight design

– Quick system start up time

– Built-in GPS receiver

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